Rabaul and Montevideo Maru Memorial

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Executed at Tol Plantation

Killed or Missing In Action

Escaped capture


Lark Force 2/10 Field Ambulance



The following are the Officers of Lark Force who surrended on 23 January 1942, were taken Prisoners of War and were Recovered from JAPAN at the end of the war

1. VX18194 Major AKEROYD, John Finch; 2/10 Field Ambulance; Medical Officer (Awarded MBE)
2. NX70253 Lieut ALLEN, Robert Irving; 8 Division Supply Column.
3. VX48548 Lieut ALMOND, Eric Richard Mead; 2/22nd Infantry Battalion.
4. NFX180285 (NF100291) Lieut ANDERSON, Marjory Jean; Australian Army Nursing Corps; (Awarded ARRC).
5. NGX458 (NG4029) Lieut ARCHER, James Clarence; New Guinea Volunteer Rifles. (Awarded OBE)
6. VX24728 Lieut BADHAM, James Robert; 2/22nd Infantry Battalion.
7. VX44398 Lieut BATEMAN, Philip James; 2/22nd Infantry Battalion.
8. VX44505 Lieut BEST, Edward Wallace; 2/22nd Infantry Battalion.
9. VX15946 Lieut BOWRING, James Hugh; 2/22nd Infantry Battalion.
10. VX46461 Lieut BRADEN, Gordon Henri; 2/22nd Infantry Battalion.
11. QX64898 (Q185172) BROWN, Peter Handley; Rabaul Ordnance Workshops.
12. VX39159 Lieut BURNS, Jack Lusby; 1st Independent Company.
13. VX46451 Lieut BUSSELL, Gordon John; 2/22nd Infantry Battalion.
14. NFX180289 (NF105411) Lieut CALLEGHAN, Eileen Mary; Australian Army Nursing Service.
15. TX6043 (T136) Lieut CHANDLER, Albert Arthur; Rabaul Fortress Engineers.
16. VX44909 Lieut CHINN, Gordon William; 17th Anti-Tank Battery.
17. VX43797 Lieut CLARK, Alfred; 17th Anti-Tank Battery.
18. TX6041 (T15) Major CLARK, James Rowland Purcell; Medical Officer attached.
19. TX6042 (T30071) Lieut COOPER, Stanley Hilton; 'L' Heavy Battery, Rabaul.
20. NFX180290 (NF105412) Lieut CULLEN, Mavis Claudia; 2/10 Field Ambulance.
21. VX45195 Lieut DOWSE, Henry Esmonde Willoughby; 2/22nd Infantry Batalion.
22. SX9608 Major EDMUNDS-WILSON, James; 1st Independent Company.
23. VX44356 Lieut EDNEY, Robert Alan; 2/22nd Infantry Battalion.
24. VX44912 Lieut ERWIN, Harold Surrey; 2/22nd Infantry Battalion.
25. QX6470 Capt FRASER, Alexander; 1st Independent Company.
26. VX58852 (V1208) Lieut GIBSON, John Alexander; 1st Independent Company.
27. VX44549 Lieut GOODE, Albert Edward; 1st Independent Company.
28. VX44911 Lieut GRANT, William Gordon; 2/22nd Infantry Battalion.
29. NX191431 (N52610) Capt GRAY, John Robert; 17th Anti-Tank Battery.
30. QX64899 (Q194547) Lieut HAAS, Douglas Richard; Rabaul Ordnance Company.
31. QX64896 (Q481) Lieut HOFFMAN, Roy Thomas; 8th Division – AASC.
32. NX70289 (N74415) Capt HUTCHINSON-SMITH, David Chadwick; 17th Anti-Tank Battery.
33. NFX180286 (NF100292) Capt KEAST, Daisy Cardin; 2/10th Field Ambulance.
34. NGX457 (NG3000) Lieut KILNER, Claude Geoffrey; New Guinea Volunteer Rifles.
35. VX43617 Major LANNAN, Leslie Hunter; 2/22nd Infantry Battalion.
36. VX129332 (V50812) Lieut LARKIN, William Henry; Rabaul Fortress Engineers.
37. VX45983 Lieut LORD, Robert George; 2/22nd Infantry Battalion.
38. QX64900 (Q302572) Lieut LYONS, Noel Joseph; HQ New Guinea Area.
39. VX55482 (V45452) Lieut MARSHALL, Clive Walter; 2/22nd Infantry Battalion.
40. VX45210 Major MATHESON, Gwynne; 17th Anti-Tank Battery.
41. TX6004 (Re-enlisted CMF Post WW2)615213) Chaplain MAY, John Lovett; 2/22nd Infantry Battalion. (Awarded Member of the Order of British Empire, MBE)
42. VX45855 Capt McCALLUM, John Thornbury; 2/22nd Infantry Battalion.
43. VX44718 Lieut MILNE, George Alfred Charles; 2/22nd Infantry Battalion.
44. VX43446 Major MOLLARD, John Claud; 2/22nd Infantry Battalion.
45. QX64897 (Q90832) Capt NIELSEN, Cyril Claude Victor; Rabaul Ordnance Depot.
46. SX11407 (S14237) Capt NOTTAGE, Stewart Gordon; 'L' Heavy Battery, Rabaul.
47. NFX180287 (NF104887) Capt PARKER, Kathleen Isabel Alice; Awarded - Royal Red Cross (2nd Class); 2/10 Field Ambulance.
48. NX12531 Lieut PARKHILL, Robert John Bruce; 17th Anti-Tank Battery.
49. SX11406 (S14101) Lieut ROBERTSON, Kenneth Rogers; 'L' Heavy Battery, Rabaul.
50. NX35101 Capt ROBERTSON, Sandy Edwin John; 2/10 Field Ambulance.
51. TX16307 (T253518) Lt Col SCANLON, John Joseph; HQ New Guinea Area and CO of Lark Force, Rabaul.
52. VX44908 Capt SHIER, Frank Eric; 2/22nd Infantry Battalion.
53. VX45126 Lieut STIRLING, Colin Norman Macleod; 2/22nd Infantry Battalion.
54. QX64895 (Q366) Capt TOZER, Henry Alfred John; Australian Army Pay Corps.
55. NX70432 Chaplain TURNER, Victor Spiro; HQ 23 Infantry Brigade.
56. NGX459 (NG4054) Major WATCH, Norman Bennington; New Guinea Volunteer Rifles. (Previously Served World War 1 - South African Army).
57. NFX180288 (NF101680) Lieut WHYTE, Lorna Margaret; Rabaul Army Nursing Service.




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